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Plans for Phuket Light Rail System

There are plans in the works to construct a light rail system in Phuket between Phuket International Airport and the Chalong intersection, which would surely lighten the load of on traffic throughout the region. The project is expected to cost more than 2 billion THB and will help to boost tourism in the south.

The Phuket Mass Transit System, Transport Permanent Secretary, Chartchai Thipsunawee unveiled the details of the light rail system on January 17th, stating that the rail will be 60km in length and confirmed that construction will begin on the project.

The train will total speeds of up to 100 km/h and visit 23 stations on route, including those at Phuket International Airport, Thalang and Koh Kaew.

Although Phuket is famous for having excellent quality infrastructure when compared to Thailand’s other popular tourist island, one of our downfalls can be transportation to and from the airport, but with the new light rail system, there will be more options for travelers and visitors to the island.

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