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Thailand Property Voted Top in Poll

We always love a bit of good news, especially when it’s about the Thailand property market. The recent annual HSBC Expat Survey 2015 is a global report that looks at the best places for expatriates from around the world to live and work. The recent survey was very kind to the Thailand property market.

Thailand property and real estate has achieved the rank of 1st place in the HSBC Expat Survey and although we ranked 21st place overall, from the 39 countries surveyed, we came in 1st place in the property stakes.

The report said that: “Thailand is renowned for its low cost of living. It came out as one of the best destinations for expats looking for an improved lifestyle at a low cost in the 2015 Expat Explorer Survey, with over two-thirds of expats saying they associate Thailand with a higher quality of life and have greater levels of disposable income.

“Thailand is renowned for its low cost of living. Although prices for everyday items are rising, most expats still describe their financial circumstances as comfortable. Grocery shopping is cheap, as are restaurant meals and street food. Clothing, transport and accommodation costs are also low.”

Phuket is a great place to live for expats, with lots of choice and a fantastic array of properties and real estate that many other countries can’t match.

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