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New Shanghai to Phuket Flights From late-June

There has been lots of talk recently about the dramatic rise Chinese tourists in Phuket, and even the Chinese Ambassador for Thailand is visiting Phuket this week to discuss some of the issues that might improve the tourism sector for Chinese visitors. We have seen a massive demographic change of the nationality of tourists holidaying in Phuket, moving away from the heavy influx of Europeans, Americans and Australians towards a more Asian travel market with the Chinese, Koreans, Japanese and the surrounding Southeast Asian countries.

Spring Airlines is about to launch a three times per week Phuket-Shanghai-Phuket service staring on 26 June. The A620 airbuses that seat 180 passengers will depart from Phuket International Airport on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

There was talk that the Spring Airline’s hostesses will be dressed as French maids and the stewards as butlers, but you will have to wait until 26 June to find out if that is true or not!

Spring Airlines have been operating a Shanghai-Bangkok-Shanghai service for the past year, and their reputation for cost effective prices has become well known, so it will be great to see what happens next month when the flights are in operation.

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