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Thailand Tourism Arrivals Expected to Hit 32min 2016

As we all know only too well, the influx of tourists to Thailand is one of the most important economic factors for the nation. A good and healthy tourism industry is important for not only foreign business owners in tourism areas, but the economy in general. With that in mind, tourist arrivals in Thailand are expected to hit 32 million in 2016.

International tourist arrivals are expected to reach 32 million this year, which is a nice rise when compared with the estimated figure of 29.88 million of last year, recently said the Minister for Tourism and Sport, Kobkarn Wattanavrangkulm, when talking to Reuters.

“Actually, 32 million is just a calculation. We do not put that as a target because we are now emphasizing only revenue,” he continued.

The estimation is a 7% increase on last year and would generate a total of 1.67 trillion THB in revenue.

The nation that provided the most tourists to Thailand in 2015 was China with 8 million, followed by Malaysia with 3 million.

The projected figures sound good, so let’s hope everything goes well and we hit those targets in 2016.

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