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Climate and Lifestyle

When is the best time to visit Phuket?

Phuket is a wonderful tropical island popping out from the sea. A vast number of tourist populations are found basking in the lovely beaches of Phuket year round.

Climate as we all know is one thing that travelers consider before visiting a country. Phuket has a typical tropical climate. Many flock to this great island for an exotic getaway during the hot summer months when temperatures can reach a sweltering 30 degree Celsius. Those who loathe the heat can visit Phuket from November to March. At this time, the winds from the Asian continent bring down the temperature making the climate pleasant. Those challenged by treacherous winter conditions often come here to have respite also.

Phuket Lifestyle

The tropical island of Phuket nestled in the Asian subcontinent is an admirable choice of stay. The island is renowned for its picture perfect beaches and rocky tree clad outcrops jutting out of the sea strikingly. Small deserted islands flanked by the ocean on all sides are plenty in Phuket providing a haven for various colorful species of birds, animals and insects. Most of these islands have dense jungles that are inhabited by the rarest tropical plants and wildlife well hidden from the prying eyes of the outside world. These islands have several fresh water streams, brooks and gigantic waterfalls, which are perennial sources of water for the wildlife. A few are privileged enough to get a sneak peek into the hidden natural treasures of Phuket. Some of these islands have campsites and log cabins for tourists.

Other than this, the main island of Phuket is buzzing with all classes of people. Phuket has undergone massive infrastructural changes, which are imperative to deal with an ever-increasing tourist population each year. The economic mainstay of the island is tourism and hence Phuket excels in providing world-class resorts and hotels laden with remarkable equipment and services designed to cater to the individual needs of the valued guests. Some of these resorts even offer private beaches, spa facilities and clubs.

Phuket is also well known for its posh clubs with plush décor, great music, fabulous ambiences and a wide selection of beverages. Phuket offers an enjoyable nightlife. You can either spend your evening in a pub dancing to the tunes of disc jockeys or take a leisurely walk on one of the beaches listening to the sounds of waves caressing the shore. Phuket also have several shopping plazas where you can spot some enticing designs from the worlds leading brands. Clothes, electrical goods, furniture, leather goods and handcrafted items adorn the showcases of the mall’s premier shops.

The pristine tropical islands of Phuket can also be explored on yachts which you can hire. This is probably the best way to examine the wondrous coves and jagged cliffs providing spectacular natural features. You can get on a luxury yacht from the Royal Phuket Marina, Yacht Haven and Boat Lagoon. Among these three, the Royal Phuket Marina is the playground of the worlds’ richest. Here some of most luxurious exquisite yachts are docked. Millionaires throng to this marina for indulgent nights out. The marina is lined with shops displaying commodities, which only the richest can afford. Even the chic theme restaurants, pubs and nightclubs in the area are designed to cater to the wealthy.

Phuket has several relaxation centers like massage parlors and spas some of which are quite inexpensive. You can wrap up your exciting day out with a therapeutic treatment at a spa savoring the pleasure of relaxation.

Phuket has some great Thai food restaurants with elaborate menus comprised of local favorites. Other than Thai food, continental restaurants are also plenty here. In fact, some food joints and snack bars are quite reasonable. There are several great seafood platters, which are grilled, baked or roasted to give you a hearty culinary meal. Cafés poised on the beach are excellent venues for refreshment and relaxation. Along with coffee some local delicacies and snacks are featured on the menu.

Water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, boating and wind surfing happen here. In fact, if you are a diehard fan of adventure the varieties offered here will surely satisfy you. There are number of renowned golf courses for tourists and residents.

Phuket is considered an ideal getaway. Phuket is not a destination for millionaires and billionaires only. Ordinary tourists can get great accommodations, affordable good food and plenty of the basic amenities needed for comfort in Phuket. Even small inns and lodges are abundant for backpackers and extreme adventure lovers who often travel on a meager budget.

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