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Tom & Tookie Clayton, Singapore

After two kids, we decided we wanted to upgrade to a bigger vacation home and we needed to sell our original home first. There are so many real estate agents in Thailand, we didn’t know where to start. We ended up listing our place with all of them and on every website we could find. However, only a couple of the agents ever did anything or ever brought any potential buyers. Barry was, by far, the best agent we contacted and worked with – trustworthy, straightforward, and extremely knowledgeable. Moreover, he just gets what expats are looking for in a home. First, he connected us up with phenomenal contractors to fix the minor things around our home, so that it was in mint condition when selling it. Then he maintained constant contact with us – unlike all of the other agents.

He also didn’t waste our time with any buyers that weren’t serious. In fact, everyone he brought by wanted to put in an offer on our place. Moreover, he was the only agent to bring in a steady stream of buyers. And the ultimate buyer didn’t even visit our place before purchasing – they just trusted Barry’s opinion that much! And in the end, our patience paid off, as we received our full asking price after waiting a couple of months on the market through the slow season. We’ll definitely work with Barry for all of our real estate transactions in the future!

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