Buying Sight Unseen

Buying Sight Unseen. Part 2

Buying Sight Unseen

And we’re back to complete this blog Buying Sight Unseen. In Part 1 you may remember that we cover a number of important and interesting points ie;

  1. Shop around online, a lot.
  2. Find a trustworthy broker you can work with and ask lots of awkward questions!
  3. Take a Virtual Tour by “live video” and take your time.
  4. Take a Virtual Tour of the surrounding area with the broker.
  5. Have a friend or trusted 3rd party look at the property.
  6. Have a qualified Building Inspector look over the property.
  7. Accept there may be a few minor things that don’t match with your expectations. True in both new builds and resale purchases.

Of course the easiest and quickest way to go about things is to just send us an email and call us for a chat. That way you can get a quick indication if this process is going to be the right one for your needs. And we don’t bite.

Buying sight unseen part 2

Properties Made For Buying Sight Unseen

Should you be looking for a new build/off-plan apartment or condo for the purpose of guaranteed rental return and holiday use take a look at these options (click the links to find out more).

You cannot go far wrong with this developer

These units are located within easy reach of the beach.

Investment in a great location on the West Coast of Phuket.

Safe Resale Family Villas

Good location and offers great value for money.

Very trusted developer offering a great home.

Lovely family pool villa in a great location.

Finally, Phuket sea views and sunsets, a stunning family villa

Should you have any questions regarding purchasing property on Phuket, Unseen or otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact Lyndon.

Whatsapp +66 862 690 006 or email lyndon@phuketprime.com

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