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Phuket Land for Sale

Phuket land is amongst some of the most desirable land in the world. There are two types of land that the Thai Law reconizes; The first type is the right of ownership, where an individual holds the documents of ownership and title deeds to the piece of land, and the second type is the Possessory Right under the Civil and Commercial Code, which is the right of possession, where the land is being used by an individual for agricultural use etc.

I do not currently list land for sale on the site, but do have a wide range and variety of land available to purchase from large beachfront plots suitable for building a luxury resort on, to small inland pockets of land suitable for building a single residence on.

Thai law does not permit non Thai nationals to own land in Thailand, however many foreigners have managed to make owning land possible through many legal channels, the most popular being through a Thai partner, Thai Company or spouse. It is always advisable when purchasing land to make sure that you get a proper legal agreement drawn up regarding the partnership. Typically the legal agreement would state that the Thai partner owns the land and you have a long lease allowing you to own and live in the property on the land for 30 years, which is renewable for a further two more 30 year lease periods.

There are many different types of land available for ownership, and I will be able to assist and help you with everything, including conducting a due diligence on the land, to making sure everything is in good order.

Should you need any more information on the legalities of purchasing land in Phuket, and details of land available for sale.

Please either contact me via the “Contact Barry” link at the top of the page, or alternatively by;

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