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Phuket beaches return to their original state

Those of you who have been reading the news over the past few weeks will know that Phuket is amidst a real clean-up operation, performed by the army and local authorities. Phuket was always known for its beautiful beaches, but over the course of the past decade, commercialism has really took ahold.

It was normal for expats and tourists alike to go to a Phuket beach and be greeted by a cacophony of businesses that had set up shop directly on the beach. Whether it was thousands of beach loungers or restaurants directly on the beach, now all has disappeared.

If you ride down any beach in Phuket at the moment, it’s like going back 15 years to a time when the beaches were the beaches are back to something like their natural state, and boy is it great. No doubt, the clear-up has been bad news for some of the local small businesses that have used the beaches over the years, but it’s good news over the long term as we can now stroll down these amazing stretches of sand without any eyesores cluttering our paths.

I think this is great news for those who want Phuket to remain a stunning natural beauty.

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