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Direct Flights from India to Phuket Boost Island Weddings

Phuket is quite the place when it comes to tropical beach weddings. Husbands and wives to be visit Phuket from the four corners of the globe to get married. Quite surprisingly, some of the highest numbers of people wishing to get married on the island are from India.

So it was great news this week to learn that direct flights to Phuket from two major Indian cities, Mumbai and Delhi, will begin in April 2013.

The Indian Ambassador to Thailand is very excited about the prospect, and said, “We are very happy that things have moved very fast,” he told the local online news outlet, Phuketwan. ”This will increase tourism and also give an incentive to people who are thinking of holding their weddings on Phuket.”

Indian weddings are grand affairs and usually have at least 250 guests, which is all great news for the island’s local businesses.

The ambassador finished off by saying, “This will help Phuket become an important centre for holding Indian weddings in the future, because wedding parties prefer direct flights.”

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